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Logiclothes Ltd also offers you a range of comfortable nightwear,pants,robes and slippers to pop on and off whilst at home, in hospital or any care settings.

 Our wonderfully versatile towel robes can also be used by the pool, beach or spa.

Our clothes maintain dignity, are comfortable and stylish to wear, and are easy to use. 

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Our clothing range has so many benefits...

How we can help you at home

Our clothing will enable you to dress quickly, in comfort, with dignity and without distress.

Our robe is so versatile it can  be  draped over a wheelchair or bath chair ready to engulf you in soft warm comfort after a bath.No need to use several towels.

How we can help service providers

Our clothes are designed to enable clients to be dressed quickly and in comfort,  saving you valuable time .

Our garments are ideal for easy accessibility . They are extremely versatile and suitable for use on orthopaedic ,medical ,surgical wards and in clinics where it is necessary to undress.

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ALL Nightwear at reduced prices!

Ladies super soft satin Nightdress only £6.00! each or two for £10.00 plus pp £2.00
Ladies soft jersey cotton nightdress only
£6.00! each or two for £10.00 plus pp £2.00
Mens soft brushed cotton pyjamas only £6.00! each or two for £10.00 plus pp £2.00


Logiclothes Ltd designs are patent registered.
We welcome any enquires to use our patent registrations under license
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